Posted by: limerick2013 | January 26, 2013

UL Orientation & the City

The past few days I’ve been in orientation for the University of Limerick. It’s been very interesting. The past 2 nights they’ve had things going on on campus at The Stables, which is the pub on campus. Thursday night everyone just went up to The Stables and were hanging out, and I thought that a group of us were going to go up and/or meet up there, and I suppose I left too early because no one was there. I sat down for a few minutes and messaged some friends from back home, and right as I looked up this girl sat down next to me and asked if I was here alone, and I told her I thought I was supposed to meet people here but they weren’t there, and she said “I know what it’s like being somewhere and not knowing anyone, it was like that when I studied abroad during the summer. If you like you can come sit with us.” I sat with them for about an hour, and we exchanged phone numbers, so now I have an Irish friend (her name is Amy).

Last night a group of us went to the store in the Student Union on campus and some people purchased groceries, but I did not, Instead, I looked to see the similarities and differences between what we have at home and what they have here. For instance… The Kit Kats they have come in loads (and by loads, I mean more like 3-4) more flavors than back home. Then we all went on the bus tour to Limerick and saw a bunch of fantastic things. The 5 of us from the IFSA group that went together ended up having to sit on the top portion of the bus, where there was no roof, and the seats were wet. During the tour it started to rain, and so the 5 of us got a little wet (my coat more than anything else). We had a bit more orientation after the tour got back, and then last night they had a Meet and Greet at The Stables. Tori (who is also in the IFSA group) and I met up there. And while I was standing around waiting for her, Andy Steves (Rick Steves’s son!) was sitting at a little table and was having a raffle, and I glanced up and he said hello, I said hello back, and then he started talking to me and said that I could sit and talk with him while waiting for my friend. After a while I walked around and then Tori and I met up, and I met a few people. There was a guy named Paul from Pennsylvania and another guy named Robert from Malta (he was very nice), and someone else (although I forget his name) from Minnesota, and that was pretty cool. I automatically made a connection with him and Heidi because, well, Heidi is from Minnesota too. Then I ran into Amy and we chatted for a few minutes, and then Tori and I walked out and found the rest of the group. We all chatted for a bit, and then I saw someone standing alone and decide to be an extrovert and go say hello and introduce myself, which turned out fantastically. We chatted for about and hour and a half, and then I went back to my flat and had some Skype time with some very dear friends at McK! It was great craic (fun)!! Today I went grocery shopping and saw what their Duracell Bunny looks like. I may have chuckled a bit. Tonight we’re all going over to Karly’s flat and we’re having dinner over there, and then tomorrow night there is a Ceili Night in The Stables, and it’s supposed to be great craic! (If you click on the photos they get bigger Lol). And Olivia Roscow, my hilariously awesome little sister, I met someone that reminds me so much of Colin, but his name is not Colin, and I don’t remember what his name is to be completely honest…ImageImage




  1. I LOVE the kit kat images and story. WHY don’t we have those here? Probably because we don’t care….we buy the stuff like crazy even if it’s just plain. I’m so tickled by you saying that you decided to be an extrovert… ARE AN EXTROVERT! It sounds like you’re having fun and that’s pretty exciting that you met Rick Steve’s son…though I’m actually very surprised that you’re a “fan” of Rick Steve….he’s a little…..boring maybe? But, I have learned so much from him over the years. We miss you back at McK! It’s almost hot here today and that’s creepy. This past weekend was Scholarship Interviews and so everyone is kind of tired I think…but it was so fun to get to tell people about you and that you’re studying abroad…’re going to be such a great ambassador for this program! Don’t forget to take a short video and email it to me or post it on youtube! YOU PROMISED!!!

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