Posted by: limerick2013 | January 23, 2013


Dublin was absolutely amazing. We walked everywhere, and we went and had a tour of Guinness. It was pretty awesome! Later that night everyone in the orientation group went to The Temple District which is this street full of bars, including The Temple Bar, because there was some kind of traditional Irish music festival type thing going on. It was AMAZING!! I had soo much fun. And the performers were absolutely brilliant! I hope to do that again soon (maybe not in Dublin) because it was loads of fun! The buildings here are magnificent and beautiful. If I could just take pictures of the building all of the time, I’m sure it’d get boring for you guys, but they are beautiful! And the grass! Oh my goodness! Can we just discuss the difference in grass between here and the States??? It is SO green!!! I feel like someone took a green color and filled in the lines with this amazing color I’ve never seen before in my life. The way to Limerick was just as beautiful. The bus that we were on was actually the bus Amy Adams was on while she was in Ireland filming ‘Leap Year.’ That was pretty cool. There is so much to this country. On arrival at Limerick I received my key for the building and flat. The beds here are bigger than at McKendree, and I have my own little personal bathroom. There is a kitchen and a living area with a telly, as they call it here. The rooms are extremely spacious. I think I’m going to like it here! And everyone is so very kind!Image



  1. Sounds like you had an awesome first couple of days! I love the architecture over there so keep the pics coming! Did you get any recordings of the musicians?? Hope everything continues to be amazing!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Make sure to keep writing because I enjoy hearing about your life over there and this will be something you can look back at years into the future!

    By the way, have you received strange looks or comments because of your accent? I’m sure it’s easy to pick it out!

    Let me know when you start picking up the Irish accent, It’s cool to see you already incorporating some of the vocabulary. 🙂

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