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Yes, the title is based off of a song that many of you know. I have one week left in this beautiful country. Last night was the Farewell Dinner with Suzy and Ger from IFSA, and the last night that the UL IFSA gang was together for a long time. Truman left this morning, and one by one, the rest of us will be leaving. While on our night out for the last time all together, this song popped into my head: Now looking at my calendar, it feels like time is going by too fast. When I see that in exactly one week I will be in the Dublin airport waiting to board my plane heading back west (“on a plane bound west. I see her glory strething out below” Dierks Bentley), everything becomes bittersweet. I am excited to see my family and friends that I left behind in January, but I’m also sad to leave all of my friends and the people that I’ve met here. I have made some amazing friends, and have met some great, fun, intelligent, fantastic people that I will never forget.

As of yesterday morning, I have finished all exams, and now a week to do some exploring and hanging out with people before we all have to say goodbye. Exams were really formally here, and not what I’m used to. You had to have your ID, the lecturer and tutorial leaders were not there, and it was sort of set up like when you go to take the ACT. It was different, and I’m not so sure I liked it that way, but it is what it is. 

I know that my posts have been a bit sappy, but before you read on I should warn you: This one may be even more sappy than the others (and it may be a little repetitive, but I feel it’s necessary at times to be repetitive). 

If I could name everything that I am going to miss about this place when I leave, people would start to get bored with this post. Nonetheless, I am going to continue with some things that I feel are necessary to mention, because some things should never be left out, and I want to take this opportunity to say what I want to say without leaving people out and talk about (men, don’t cringe too much) feelings. I am going to miss being able to call over to a friend’s apartment to see them (some of these friends are Irish, and some of them will be scattered over the States when I get home).

While I am excited to come home, I am also nervous. I have been gone for 4-ish months. While it doesn’t always seem like it, that’s a long time to be away from the people you are constantly around. People change, grow. Your constant group of friends go through things while you’re gone, and that could mean that dynamics of your friend group changes a bit. You go through changes within yourself, and sometimes you wonder if things are going to be the same, and even though part of you wishes it will be, deep down you know that this change is a good change and that wishing things would be the same with many things means that  you go back to how you were, and with change like this… You are never the same. Your life is different. 

I might look the same, still only be slightly funny and 3/16ths attractive (inside joke, and for the record, I’m definitely more than 3/16ths attractive. Where did that number even originate, haha), listen to most of the same music, still like most of the same things as I did before I left, drive the same classic (and pretty amazing) ’85 Mercury Grand Marquis, I have changed. And I am glad (like I say every post) that I have had this opportunity.

I know that without a doubt the only way that I was able to do this was because of my family and friends. After telling Megan Inboden (one of my best friends) the first time I thought about coming to Ireland since my first year at McKendree, I told my mom about it. While she was the caring mother who had a million questions (as did I, she would think of new questions for me to ask Jackie, who was the study abroad adviser at the time), and then telling me I had to ask my dad (who thought it would be harder asking dad than mom?), and he said that I could, I was thrilled. And then the thrill went away for a while.

I spent MANY nights laying in bed thinking about whether or not to actually go through with turning in the application because of so many different things going on at the time. I eventually convinced myself to turn it in and take a chance after laying in bed one night and (I have never told anyone this part) Hilary Duff’s “Why Not” popped into my head (sounds random, but it makes sense looking back at it. Funny how the brain works sometimes, isn’t it), and like Joshua Radin sings “I need to be bold, need to jump in the cold water.” After making that decision, all I had to do was wait. And get my passport. I remember my oldest sister voicing her concerns about me leaving, and I remember one of the last times I saw her at her house. I was leaving to go home, and walking to the car, and I sat there for a minute, and then here she came for one last final hug before I left the house. We both cried (I think she did more than I did, but I cried a bit, too). And the morning I left everyone surprised me at breakfast by showing up. I swear if I didn’t have to get to the airport her and I would have hugged for hours. While being here, she posted this to my Facebook wall:

To my Morgan… I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy I am for you that you are getting to have such a great life experience. You are making memories that no one can ever take away and also making friends that you will hopefully have forever. I have to admit when you told me you were going to Ireland I was against it, I was scared for you. But you have proved my worries were needless, and I am glad of that. Continue to enjoy your time over there and make the most of it  This said, also know that we love you and we miss you and we are ready to hug you again. Love, Nessa

And then my little sister Olivia posting this to me on Facebook just a few days ago:

“I read this and think of you wishing to go to Ireland for the past several years.. ♥”
And the many comments from friends on Facebook and Twitter telling me they’re excited to see me again… It made me realize that I seriously could not have done this without my family and friends, even the ones I’ve made here. I am the person that gets homesick going to Wisconsin for a week, and I’ve been teased for that (you know who you are), and I’ve done pretty well over here. There was a few days were it was really bad, and the realization in Chicago when I realized that I was on an Aer Lingus plane on my way to Dublin, but I couldn’t have gotten through them without the friends I’ve made in Ireland. And I know that the exact same thing will most likely happen on the plane from Dublin to Chicago, and then to St. Louis because while I’m not leaving my biological family, I am leaving a family and many friends, and I am truly blessed.
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“The Road So Far…”

The title may have been taken from the series Supernatural… That’s why it’s in quotes… Anyway, I realize that I have been terrible at keeping up with this. Life, although it doesn’t seem like it, has gotten pretty busy around here! There is so much that has happened. I realize that I may have not been travelling as much as other people taking part in study abroad programs have, BUT I have been having as much, if not more at times, fun as they are having. I like moving around, but I also like being comfortable in one place. One of my goals in this study abroad plan was to work on my bravery. I’ve talked to some friends from back home and they’ve told me that I’ve always been brave, but in my opinion, you don’t see how brave you are until you do something like this, especially if you’re me. I’ve always wanted to do something crazy (for me) and take a chance on life. If you would have told me a few years ago that I would actually be living in Ireland, a place I’ve been wanting to visit since I was little, I’m not sure I would have believed you. So doing this, being here for four months, was me being brave, taking a chance, living life.

So, the past few months were… Pretty interesting to say the least. It consisted of MANY trips to the castle ruins (apparently not the the best around, but the only ones I have yet to see within walking distance), climbing around them, attempting not to fall off of the edges and break my neck, running into people you would never think you’d ever run into again (but Ireland is a a small place), seeing people who remind you of people back home, and loads of other things. After my Belfast weekend and my blog then, I got really preoccupied with school, friends, meeting new people, and trying to have some me time in Ireland. I have a group of friends within the IFSA group, but I tend to duck in and out of that group because I like meeting and hanging out with other people too. I have become pretty good friends with a girl in my Restoration and Augustan Literature lecture/tutorial. We had a presentation over John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera. If you get a chance to read or see it (I think there’s a film version with a member of The Who, maybe a different band, can’t really remember, who plays Macheath) I would. I found it interesting and actually pretty funny after you get into it. I also had Flat Stanley with me for a long time (sorry about that…) and he went to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with me and he had a lot of fun. He also got kidnapped by a dragon at the castle ruins…. Poor guy… But he is on his way home!

Flat Stanley's first bus ride!

Flat Stanley’s first bus ride!

Flat Stanley at the Parade on St. Patrick's Day

Flat Stanley at the Parade on St. Patrick’s Day

There was also the craziness of Rag Week (unless I already wrote about that, in that case it wasn’t as bad as it sounds… Who said anything about a week of basically running into drunk constantly drunk people all week? That was not me!). Then all of the balls! There were a ton! And I don’t mean dances like our Homecoming dance. I mean Balls. People got really dressed up apparently they’re a lot of fun. There have been quite a few, there was one this past week, The First Year’s Ball or something or other. People looked really pretty. I, however, did not go. I decided I didn’t really have anything fancy like that, plus that’s one more thing I’d have to pretend to figure out how to pack and I already have to figure out how to repack everything that I’ve gained while being here. It doesn’t seem like a lot, and admittedly it’s probably not. But, I have gained memories. And those are the hardest to pack into tiny portions and bring back home.  Oh!!! And I went to The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher!! I may have almost fell off the edge of a cliff once… or twice… Note to everyone: Someone clumsy like me should not be near the edge of cliffs. That’s where you fall.. And die.. And that’s not good.

Zoomed in picture of looking off of a cliff (I was sitting on the edge of this cliff... With my feet off of the edge! I'm dangerous!)

Zoomed in picture of looking off of a cliff (I was sitting on the edge of this cliff… With my feet off of the edge! I’m dangerous!)

At the Cliffs of Moher

At the Cliffs of Moher

At The Cliffs of Moher (absolutely beautiful)

At The Cliffs of Moher (absolutely beautiful)

Me at The Burren (one of the cliffs I almost fell off of...)

Me at The Burren (one of the cliffs I almost fell off    of…)

The past month or so I’ve run into many people. There has been Mystery Man/Mr. Hottie, whichever you pick (my mom picked Mr. Hottie. I…. may have forgotten his name but felt bad about it, so never asked him what it was) has been seen on multiple occasions, pleasantries were exchanged (and by pleasantries I mean he says hello and I become mute and it seems the only thing I can do is stare back awkwardly and wave), and many people at the International Nights, which has been the venue for most of my Friday nights where I like to people watch and I also love to dance, I’ve run into quite a few people. And if you know me, then you know how much I love dancing. And not just kind of like dancing, I am the person who literally will start dancing in the middle of the street, in the middle of the aisle at the store, AND in the middle of the hallway in every building on campus (except the Chapel… wait… Yeah, except the Chapel, unless anyone else who attempted to stay the night with me that night can prove that I did…)

So I have spent quite a few Friday nights at Stables dancing and meeting new people (along with running into acquaintances.) Last night,, however, was the last International Night at Stables, which was kind of sad, because it was the first place that the IFSA Limerick Gang went our first night here, and it’s the last time we’ll all be together to hang out like that. There were two DJs (one inside and one out) and I actually met a few people! One talked to me for quite a bit, and while my friend and I were dancing this guy was trying to get close to her and she gave me that “HELP” look, so I spent half an hour moving where I was dancing every time he moved to get to her easily (talk about a workout!). That was actually a lot of fun. A few weeks ago I met a few people who are in a local band, Tractor Bomb. I’ve become friends with the lead guitarist/songwriter for the band, and it’s pretty cool. I might even get to see them play before I leave in less than a month! Also ahead of me this month is another night of hanging out with the gang (Brian and some other people that he’s friends with/who are int he band), going to see a sunrise at the “good” castle ruins (Brian says the ones I go to aren’t the coolest one around, there are other ones within walking distance of campus), and Brian said he’d take me to his old county (where he used to live). It’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful, and if he can become somewhat speechless talking about it, then it must be because it takes a lot for him to become speechless.

I also spent Saturday April 13 in Dublin all dressed up and looking nice, walking around the city (with a friend of course, I’m not that brave yet!) and finally finding the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (best known as the Grand Canal Theatre) to see something I’ve been wanting to see since I turned 18 (maybe not that long, but definitely before I turned 21 but had to wait…) and then instantly was teased by my friend  Déaghán (pronounced Dean) for going to see…. The Full Monty!! It was so much fun!!! I spent a lot of my time the week or so before being super excited about going to see it and then I finally got to Dublin and got even more excited. Then walking past The Temple Bar District, walking into a shop that immediately made me blush because we didn’t realize what kind of shop it was until afterwards, walking past a biker gang (which I wanted to get a picture with because that would have been exciting, but decided against it because it could have been a bad thing, plus it would have shown that I am a definite outsider of Dublin), and seeing The Morgan (a hotel and bar/club) right across the street from the biker gang, and finally getting to the theatre.

The Bord Gais Energy Theatre (Grand Canal Theatre)

The Bord Gais Energy Theatre (Grand Canal Theatre)

The Morgan in Dublin

The Morgan in Dublin

I sat in the theatre and tried not to pee my pants with excitement, and during the play I pretty much laughed constantly, and if you’ve ever seen The Full Monty, then you know how amazing and hysterical it is, and then ending, even better in person (for those of you who know what I’m talking about, I’ll give you more detail when it’s not in my blog, I could give too much information for some of those who would not like to hear it). After the play, which was AMAZING (did I mention that already?) my friend Kyna and I went to Kennedy’s on the corner by the bus stop and grabbed a pint. This pub was pretty cool, it didn’t have the normal pub feel to it (but what is normal, I hardly ever go to the pub to know what the ‘normal’ pub feel is). While we sat there talking and having fun, there were a few people who reminded me so much of people from back home. There was a woman who reminded me of my friend Holland, one that reminded me of this girl I went to high school with, and there was even a guy who kind of looked like Public Safety Officer Vernon (talk about random!!!!)

Next week is Reading Week, which is a full week of no lectures or tutorials and lots of essay writing and studying. I myself have 2 major essays and 3 exams, all ending May 16, which gives me a few days to travel around Ireland and such, then staying a night in Dublin, and then be on my way home May 24!! I’ve had so much fun, and still a little less than a month here, but I’m super excited to come home too. There are a lot of things that I’ve missed, and I can’t wait to have a recap.

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Belfast Weekend

Hey everyone! I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post! Thursday (Feb. 7th, which was my birthday) we left for the IFSA trip to Belfast and it was really exciting. On the way to Belfast we had to stop and pick up the students at Cork. The Limerick students were on the bus for a total of 7 hours on Thursday (with of course a stop at a rest area to grab lunch). I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday until not too long before we stopped at the rest area because I didn’t really want to make a huge deal out of it. At the stop a friend of mine bought me a cupcake for my birthday (which, by the way, was delicious. The owner at the restaurant she got it from makes all of the cupcakes and icing from scratch!) Everyone sang happy birthday to me on the bus, and after the very long, cold 7 hours on the bus, we arrived in Belfast and had an hour and a half break before dinner at the hotel (Jury’s Inn). My friends surprised me with a birthday card (which everyone in our IFSA group from Dublin signed) and a brownie cake. Everyone at dinner sang happy birthday to me and I honestly and truly was surprised. I think that Ger got a few pictures of me crying/smiling/being surprised (that’s right, sometimes I cry when people do really sweet things like that for me, especially since it was unexpected). It was a fantastic birthday (minus the part where I felt sick on the way to Belfast).

The next day we all got on the bus and went to the Carrick-a-rede- Rope Bridge, Giants Causeway, and Dunluce Castle. On our way to Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, I…. Threw up. All over. I felt terrible. Thanks goodness I have friends here!! Once we pulled over and I got cleaned up, we were on the road again. The rope bridge was AWESOME. If I can figure out how to upload videos on here, I’ll upload one of me walking across the bridge, which by the way is where the show Games of Thrones is partly filmed. Then we went to Dunluce Castle and it was amazing. You need a whole day for each site we were at. It was magnificent. I’ve only been here a few weeks, but everything is absolutely breathtaking. It was pretty awesome to be in a castle (no matter how much of it dropped into the ocean, as the story goes). We left the castle and had about an hour and a half at the Giants Causeway, which was nowhere near enough time. I would be there a whole day to walk to trails and not fall into the ocean while climbing the rocks. After we got back from our adventures, we had a free night, which I spent in the hotel room laying down and drinking hot tea so that I could somewhat recover from being sick.

The next morning the Limerick group had a 9am Black Taxi Tour of Belfast, which was pretty cool. They gave us the history on the religious divide, they discussed some important facts of their history and explanations of the murals we saw, and we also went to the Peace Wall (which Rhianna and Justin Bieber signed) and we all got to sign it too, which was pretty cool. During lunch (which was at the hotel at 12:30ish) there was a march to the city hall having to do with the flags (they took down the flags and Northern Ireland currently does not have a flag of their own; some people want the British flag, some want the Republic of Ireland flag, and some want a flag all of their own. The people in the march clearly wanted the British flag, which they all wore in some way). After lunch a group of us went to the Titanic Museum, and I had goosebumps the whole time. It was absolutely amazing to read about the background, see what the rooms looked like, see original documents that were signed, seeing a video that recreated what some aspects of the ship looked like, and hearing the testimonials of the survivors. It was definitely a very interesting museum, and I wish I had more than 2 hours to explore. Later that night a group of us went to The Basement and listened to a band play, which was great craic. After a while of being there and talking to the locals, we all went to the dance floor and quite literally danced the night away. It was… Oh my goodness. SO MUCH FUN. After the band finished playing, we talked to the members for a little bit and then headed back to the hotel for another 7 hour bus ride the next day back to Limerick. This trip was so great, and I can’t wait to do more traveling/for the next trip!!


The homemade cupcake Tori got me


My birthday card


Signatures on my birthday card


Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge


Dunluce Castle from the road


Part of Dunluce Castle


Me standing on rocks at the Giants Causeway


The ocean at the Giants Causeway


My signature on the Peace Wall in Belfast!


Rhianna’s signature with “We found love in a hopeless place” lyric (she spelled hopeless wrong..)


Justin Bieber’s signature on the Peace Wall in Belfast


Emma, Hanna, Tori, Dayna, Sarah, Me, and Dana standing in the Titanic letters outside of the museum


Titanic Memorial Statue at City Hall in Belfast

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First Week of Modules!

The first week of modules (classes) are finished! Here they call classes modules, and it’s definitely interesting to try and navigate your way around the buildings, especially the main building. The building is split up into blocks, and this is where it doesn’t sound confusing, but it gets a bit confusing. If you have a module in Block B room B1023, enter the building doors right by the slopes (I’ll post pictures tomorrow so that you can see what I’m talking about) and walk walk up the white staircase on your right. Then go to the closest stairwell and walk up until you find the map hat shows ‘Block B’ with an arrow pointing towards the double doors. Once you see that, go up one more flight of stairs where you will reach Level 1. Once you see the map that says Level 1, you have successfully found the floor you need. Now you have to figure out which way B1023 is. Go through the double doors, turn right, then turn left down a small-ish hallway, then turn right again. You walk through 2 sets of double doors, walk through the cafeteria (Red Raisins), walk straight through the first set of double doors, then take an immediate right through those double doors, and you’re at B1023 (Jonathan Swift Theatre). If you go through Red Raisins at least three times, then you have successfully figured out how to get to room B1023. Even if you ask other people where B1023 is, some of them have no clue. So… Sometimes you just have to walk around aimlessly until you find the room  you’re looking for. On top of that, you have to make sure that the module you’ve selected isn’t completely over your head. Also, some of your modules are twice a week but in different buildings and/or rooms. After you have successfully  selected classes and learned where they are, you need to figure out how to schedule your tutorials and then find where those are as well. Lecturers don’t normally give you assignments to do and turn in in class, tutorials are where they are turned in and assigned.

That’s just the main building. There’s still the rest of campus you have to figure out, which I am still trying to do. Now most of your modules will be on the main campus and you won’t have to cross The Living Bridge (which is a bridge that moves up and down a bit when there are enough people walking on it) over the Shannon River, which takes you to the other part of campus where the medical and music students attend modules. The campus is magnificently  bigger than McKendree and the University is in two different Counties, so you can imagine how it can be hard finding modules and such. I think I almost have it one-fourth of the way figured out.

During the weekends you’re kind of on your own. The Irish students normally go home on the weekends, and this is when most Erasmus (study abroad) students go traveling. If you’re lucky you’ll meet other Erasmus students at events (including International Night, which is every Friday on campus) and then make some travel plans with them for the weekends and Spring Break. Meeting other Erasmus students isn’t as hard as you think, either. There is at least one other person in each of your modules that is an Erasmus student. Meeting people in general isn’t too hard to do, even if you think you’re terrible at it. Now I know those of you reading this and who know me well are thinking “Hard for you to meet people? Never! You’re so personable and outgoing! You could talk to anyone!!” trust me, I know. I have had my insecurities about meeting people, but then I remember those of you who say “Morgan Roscow? Yes, she’s awesome, endearing, three-sixteenths attractive, personable, hilarious, and so easy to talk to!” and all of my insecurities instantly disappear! Mainly because in the almost two weeks that I’ve been here, I have met many people and they were all very  nice to be around and talk to, and at least 3 people have laughed at my jokes. More pictures will be up soon!!


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UL Orientation & the City

The past few days I’ve been in orientation for the University of Limerick. It’s been very interesting. The past 2 nights they’ve had things going on on campus at The Stables, which is the pub on campus. Thursday night everyone just went up to The Stables and were hanging out, and I thought that a group of us were going to go up and/or meet up there, and I suppose I left too early because no one was there. I sat down for a few minutes and messaged some friends from back home, and right as I looked up this girl sat down next to me and asked if I was here alone, and I told her I thought I was supposed to meet people here but they weren’t there, and she said “I know what it’s like being somewhere and not knowing anyone, it was like that when I studied abroad during the summer. If you like you can come sit with us.” I sat with them for about an hour, and we exchanged phone numbers, so now I have an Irish friend (her name is Amy).

Last night a group of us went to the store in the Student Union on campus and some people purchased groceries, but I did not, Instead, I looked to see the similarities and differences between what we have at home and what they have here. For instance… The Kit Kats they have come in loads (and by loads, I mean more like 3-4) more flavors than back home. Then we all went on the bus tour to Limerick and saw a bunch of fantastic things. The 5 of us from the IFSA group that went together ended up having to sit on the top portion of the bus, where there was no roof, and the seats were wet. During the tour it started to rain, and so the 5 of us got a little wet (my coat more than anything else). We had a bit more orientation after the tour got back, and then last night they had a Meet and Greet at The Stables. Tori (who is also in the IFSA group) and I met up there. And while I was standing around waiting for her, Andy Steves (Rick Steves’s son!) was sitting at a little table and was having a raffle, and I glanced up and he said hello, I said hello back, and then he started talking to me and said that I could sit and talk with him while waiting for my friend. After a while I walked around and then Tori and I met up, and I met a few people. There was a guy named Paul from Pennsylvania and another guy named Robert from Malta (he was very nice), and someone else (although I forget his name) from Minnesota, and that was pretty cool. I automatically made a connection with him and Heidi because, well, Heidi is from Minnesota too. Then I ran into Amy and we chatted for a few minutes, and then Tori and I walked out and found the rest of the group. We all chatted for a bit, and then I saw someone standing alone and decide to be an extrovert and go say hello and introduce myself, which turned out fantastically. We chatted for about and hour and a half, and then I went back to my flat and had some Skype time with some very dear friends at McK! It was great craic (fun)!! Today I went grocery shopping and saw what their Duracell Bunny looks like. I may have chuckled a bit. Tonight we’re all going over to Karly’s flat and we’re having dinner over there, and then tomorrow night there is a Ceili Night in The Stables, and it’s supposed to be great craic! (If you click on the photos they get bigger Lol). And Olivia Roscow, my hilariously awesome little sister, I met someone that reminds me so much of Colin, but his name is not Colin, and I don’t remember what his name is to be completely honest…ImageImage


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Dublin was absolutely amazing. We walked everywhere, and we went and had a tour of Guinness. It was pretty awesome! Later that night everyone in the orientation group went to The Temple District which is this street full of bars, including The Temple Bar, because there was some kind of traditional Irish music festival type thing going on. It was AMAZING!! I had soo much fun. And the performers were absolutely brilliant! I hope to do that again soon (maybe not in Dublin) because it was loads of fun! The buildings here are magnificent and beautiful. If I could just take pictures of the building all of the time, I’m sure it’d get boring for you guys, but they are beautiful! And the grass! Oh my goodness! Can we just discuss the difference in grass between here and the States??? It is SO green!!! I feel like someone took a green color and filled in the lines with this amazing color I’ve never seen before in my life. The way to Limerick was just as beautiful. The bus that we were on was actually the bus Amy Adams was on while she was in Ireland filming ‘Leap Year.’ That was pretty cool. There is so much to this country. On arrival at Limerick I received my key for the building and flat. The beds here are bigger than at McKendree, and I have my own little personal bathroom. There is a kitchen and a living area with a telly, as they call it here. The rooms are extremely spacious. I think I’m going to like it here! And everyone is so very kind!Image

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Pre Departure

It is the day before I leave and I am very ecstatic! Tomorrow I will be on a plane to Ireland! It still feels like this is a dream. I never thought I’d be going to Ireland, especially while in college. I can’t wait to meet new people, try new things, and get lost in the beauty of the country. I am a little nervous about the flight, but I’m sure everything will be fine! This week I visited with family and saw some great friends at McK, including Megan Inboden, Dakota Reed, and Jenny Scheuchner (just naming a few). It still hasn’t hit me that I will be in a different country on Monday. I’ll write as soon as I can!!!